Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mens Fashion Clothing: Basic Types of Necktie Knots

In mens fashion clothing necktie become a necessary part for men formal clothing. Neckties make your clothing creative through the different types of knots used nowadays in mens fashion clothing. There are hundred of styles in which people tied the necktie but all these types belong to some five basic types of knots. It is important to know these types as it helps to choose the right knot for your attire.
Four in Hand Knot
Four in hand knot is the most popular and easy knot to tie in mens fashion clothing. This knot is also famous in school boys and can be used in almost all occasions. This knot is a narrow necktie knot and used in small collars. It should not get hidden behind the collar and should fit under the collar. To tie this knot, keep the wider part of your necktie twice than thinner part. Four in hand knot making method comprises of five easy steps.
Small Knot                                                                                                                             
This knot is same like four in hand knot but a bit smaller than the four in hand knot. In mens fashion clothing this type of knot used in neckties made up of thinner fabrics like silk and cotton mixed silk that is why due to softness of the fabric the knot is small in size. To tie this knot the procedure is same as four in hand knot.
This is another form of four n hand knot used in mens fashion clothing. The difference from four in hand knot is the making of extra loop and slipping the wider end through this loop. This type of knot is normally used for thin ties. It suits well men with small in height.
Windsor Knot
Windsor knot is the very famous knot used in mens fashion clothing and it is known Windsor knot due to Duke of Windsor. This knot is big due to use of thick fabric. This knot is meant for big collars used in mens fashion clothing. The knot making process for Windsor knot is the longest as far as the number of steps is concerned. 
Half Windsor Knot
This knot is also a Windsor knot but thinner than the first one. The process of making the knot is like the first one but the only difference is, it will involve one loop less than the Windsor knot.


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