Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mens Fashion Shirts Colors That Fit Your Personality

Colors play a vital role in mens fashion clothing. Colors that you wear have a lasting impression on your mood on your personality and an impression on all those who works around you. So select a color that suits and are best representative of your personality. We can differentiate different colors and what type of personality they reflect as follow.
Grey: Grey is a color which shows neutrality. It indicates that you are an impartial person. It also shows you as a moderate person in all aspects which means that neither you are too happy, nor you are too sad, neither you are too exhausted nor you are too fresh.
Green: Green is the color of nature which shows relaxation, calmness, soothing, peace and comfort and feelings like that. Green color shows that the person is eager to have a useful life, wants to be fruitful for others etc.
Black: Black is a color that represents power, elegance and grace. It is a color that fits in all situations.
Yellow: Yellow is the color of activeness, alertness, cheerfulness, happiness and attractiveness. It is the color of the sun which keep moving so the color indicates that the person is more productive and innovative.
Red: Red is color which shows boldness, leadership, dominance, sensuality and passion about doing something.
White: white is the color of neatness, cleanliness, softness, sophistication and calmness.
Blue: blue color is the symbol of trustworthiness and warmness of the person. This is the color of unity and calmness. Looking at the blue color make you feel relax because it has a calming effect on central nervous system.
Violet: violet indicates that person has the desire to charm others and longing of the desires to be fulfilled. The person seek identification, the person has a suggesting personality, unity, desire, love of reality etc. 
Brown: Brown is a best color for informal styling. This color shows that the man is reliable and trustworthy.
Pink: Pink is a color of coolness, calmness and freshness. It makes you look as fresh as flowers.


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